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Most of the alpine fauna can be found in the area. Bigger mammals like chamois and ibex will be found high up during the summer together with ptarmigan, arctic hares and golden eagles.

Marmots can dig their burrows above the tree line. Red and roe deer live in the forest and will often be met in the alder clad gullies. Lynx are also present and wolves from Italy have made forays in the past few years.

There are numerous bird species, occupying the differing habitats: shrikes, wheatear, wrynecks, rock and ortolan buntings and typical warblers on the dry sunny slopes where crickets can be heard too. In this type of habitat the magnificent green lizard in its emerald robes.

Higher up, in the forest, woodpeckers, tits, thrushes, ring ouzels, nutcrackers and finches will keep walkers company. Amongst the highest trees you may meet a black grouse and, higher still in the rocky alpine zone, a snowfinch, an alpine accentor, a water pipit, a wallcreeper, an alpine chough, a raven, a kestrel….

Aspic vipers and viviparous lizards like the screes and sunny gullies whereas the common frog, common toad and alpine salamander prefer wet zones.

photo : Alphonse Darbellay