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Municipal and School Library

The municipal and school library is siutated in the buildings of the La Proz school, Route des Ecoles.

Opening times


Tuesday 16h00 - 18h00
Wednesday 16h00 - 18h00
Friday 16h30 - 19h00
Saturday 09h00 - 11h00

The library is closed :


Easter Good Friday and Easter Saturday
Ascension Friday and Saturday
Summer 3 weeks in July
New Year the week from Christmas to the New Year


En 2017, la bibliothèque vous propose diverses activités. Laissez-vous surprendre... et soyez tous les bienvenus !
Bibliothèque & ludothèque : programme d'activités 2017 (See)

"Sans écriture pas de livre, sans livre pas de bibliothèque"
Du 4 août au 22 septembre 2017

Découvrir les mondes de l'écriture, du livre, des bibliothèques et du métier de bibliothécaire

animés par Aline Gardaz De Luca, conteuse de La Roulotte des Contes, pour les enfants dès 18 mois accompagnés d'un adulte, les jeudis de 9h45 à 10h30 :

  • 7 septembre
  • 5 octobre
  • 9 novembre
Danielle Pignat Chief librarian
Laurence Cotture  Assistant librarian
Nathalie Christillin  Assistant librarian


Bibliothèque municipale et scolaire / Danielle Pignat (Details)
Conseil communal
Coppey Dominique (Details)
Affaires culturelles & Information

Founded in 1999, the school and municipal library is open to schoolchildren and all residents of the Commune of Orsières and its surroundings. Its goal is to contribute to the development of intellectual, cultural and leisure activities. In addition it also comprises two other libraries situated in the Podemainge school and the secondary school ERVEO (Ecole régionale de la vallée d'Entremont Orsières) and only open to pupils from those schools.

The library belongs to the Valais Public Library Group (GVB), which brings toether libraries and librarians with a view to promoting reading in the Valais and encouraging closer ties between its members.

Since 2006, the library has also been a part of the Martigny-Entremont Region Virtual Library (BRV) and on the 29 February 2008 it was awared the BiblioValais Excellence certificate.


About 12,000 works for adults, teenagers and children. The collection of novels, documentaries, comic strip books, illustrated albums, CD-ROMs, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, journals, dictionaries and reference books is available to the 1713 registered users (December 2010).

On top of this, the library has various special collections: a Valais collection of 150 monographs, the Kuenzi Collection (132 works), the Entremont Diana’s collection (29 works) and the Guides and Porters Society collection (14 works).

Services provided

Anybody with a reader's card can borrow up to 7 documents free of charge for a period of 30 days. Borrwoing times can be extended if the book has not been reserved by someone else. Reader's cards are available free of charge upon the completion of an application form. Library users are bound by the rules of the library.

All the works in the public sector have been arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classifcation (UDC) system which covers all categories of learning. The library staff are at your disposition to help you find what you want, to make suggestions and to facilitate your researches.

A PC (with free internet access, subject to certain rules and regulations), a printer, a phtocopier and a document laminating machine are available to library users.

Reader's card application form (See)
Library regulations (in French) (See)
Internet use regulations (in French) (See)
Donation of documents

The library is happy to accept donations of recent works (novels published in the last 3 years, or factual works published in the last 5 years, depending on the subject matter).  Donations will be treated with care.  As far as possible, the staff try to find homes for works which aren't put into the library (with other institutions or second-hand booksellers). If need be the library staff will eliminate unwanted documents.

Donations to the library become the property of the library and the previous owner has no further rights over them unless the works are part of a collection covered by a specific agreement.

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