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The level of taxes in the Commune of Orsières is low and the present tax burden puts Orsières in the first quartile of Valais Communes.

Furthermore niether the Canton nor the Commune have a religious tax or a tax on inheritance and bequests for direct descendants (including adopted children) and spouses (providing they are not separated) (art.111 and following of the Tax Code).

On top of this, the Commune of Orsières helps families and subsidises dental care for children up to the age of 20.

The Commune's Tax Department will happily answer all your questions.

Caisse / Comptabilité / Fiscalité
Lovey Pascal (Details)
Duay Marie-Antoinette (Details)
Tax schedules
Coefficient 1.2
Indexation 140 %
Land tax  1
Personal tax  Fr. 18.-
Exemption from Fire Brigade duty tax 2,5 % of the municipal income and capital taxes (max. Fr. 100.-)
Subsidies - family allowance children from 0 to 20 years old : Fr. 150.- per child
School dental treatment fees  58 %
Capital max rate : 4 %

The Canton's and the Commune's taxes are collected in five instalments and a final reckoning at the end of the year.

Annual taxes
Drinking water rates

Fr. 143.-

Fr. 187.-

Fr. 231.-
Wastewater rates

Fr. 114.40

Fr. 149.60

Fr. 184.80
Sewage treatment rates

Fr. 68.65

Fr. 89.75

Fr. 110.90
Dustbin collection rates

Fr. 150.-

Fr. 150.-

Fr. 150.-

Connection taxes 
Drinking water : 0.8 % of the Land Registry value
Wastewater : 0.8 % of the Land Registry value
Flat rate tax (based on spending)

Foreigners who wish to take up residence in Orsières can apply for a B type residence permit without having a job and pay taxes calculated on their expenses rather than the taxes on income and capital.

Conditions :
to undertake not to indulge in any gainful activity in Switzerland ;
-  to be in good financial circumstances.

Tax at source (art. 108 of the Tax Code)
According to the tax law, foreign workers without a residency permit (B) are considered as natural persons established in the canton and therefore obliged to pay tax at source . the cantonal tax office collects the whole of the tax at source (canton, municipal and federal taxes) and then redistributes it to the different authorities.
Capital gains tax
Those concerned should consult Article 145 of the Canton's Tax Code.
Estimate your tax liabilities
You can estimate your tax liability by using the "Calculette" (calculator) on the Canton's Tax Department website.
Dog licences
The annual licence fee for a dog is 105.- francs
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