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Le Chanton - Caille - Saleinaz - Le Revers - Le Dappay

These charming names all describe clusters of houses dotted around the main village. If you wander round you’ll appreciate the way the buildings have changed recently. Many of the old «raccards» have been tastefully converted into houses. Praz-de-Fort and the meadows of Saleinaz will no doubt develop further. The famous moraine seems to be standing guard over the area and, as a backdrop, the peak of the magnificent Clocher du Portalet points a finger towards the sky.

The name Praz-de-Fort means "Pré des Fours – Field of the Ovens" referring to the lime which was fired in open kilns in the fields. The village has an unusual May pole, a huge spruce tree replaced every year and erected for the first time in 1833. It is also departure point for the Saleinaz Hut (2691 m). The chapel, built in 1688, was restored and enlarged to become a small church in 1949 with the addition of a gallery and stained glass windows by P. Faval.

photo : Bernadette Rausis

Some statistics
  • Location :
    The Val Ferret, along the River Dranse

  • Height above sea level :
    1151 m

  • Population on the 1.1.2017 :
    277 residents

  • Comments :
    The chapel is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist whose feast day is the 29 August.
    The Erection of the Mai where they put up a tall spruce tree on the first Sunday in May.

photo : Bernadette Rausis

The "Mai" at Praz-de-Fort