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Les Arlaches

This is a typical village with one central road through the middle and buildings on either side stretching for some 250 m. To the left, the Dranse courses past the first vegetable plots before veering away. The forest, steep and close by at the northern end of the village, flattens and recedes as you go south. There are two handsome « raccards » dating from 1773 and 1779 and the charming central square with the bright colours of the restored houses adding a certain charm. To the south is a fine meadow.

Leaving Issert you can explore Les Arlaches, starting from the north, by crossing the bridge over the Dranse. By the time you have gone fifty metres into the village you will have seen five dwellings and double that number of buildings for stock and storing grain. Then comes the very old bread oven, lovingly restored in the ’70s. Since then the villagers from Praz-de-Fort and Issert have joined with those of Les Arlaches to bake their bread. The villages are proud to be joined by the « Sentier du Blé », literally the Wheat Walk, which has notices explaining the old local farming techniques.

photo : Alphonse Darbellay

Some statistics
  • Location :
         The Val Ferret, along the River Dranse

  • Height above sea level :
         1117 m

  • Population on the 1.1.2017 :
         31 residents

    photo : Alphonse Darbellay

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