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Most villages are sited away from productive land. Issert is a striking example. When the glaciers retreated they left a lot of granite erratics and it is on these that the centre of the village was built. These boulders have been incorporated into foundations and walls. In times gone by it was in Ville-d’Issert to give it its old name that the “ Mai” was erected to celebrate freedom. Beautiful buildings, some of which are very old, show the inhabitants like and look after their village.

The fields of Issert stretch along both banks of the Dranse. Not so long ago, cereals shone golden on the hillsides. From the 13th century on the villagers grew wheat and rye and made bread in the traditional oven. You can still see the mill (1663) at the head of the village. A bridge over the river links the village with a lower hamlet: a house, a chalet on a boulder and two barns. The Tour du Mont Blanc (30,000 walkers a year) leads from Issert to the Val d’Arpette.

photo : Pierre Pouget

Some statistics
  • Location  :  
         Val Ferret - on the left bank of the River Dranse
  • Height above sea level :  
         1055 m

  • Population on the 1.1.2017  :  
         91 residents

    The mill of Issert
    photo : Bernadette Rausis

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